It may come as a surprise that the specialist education needed to ensure children with Down syndrome are equipped with the best education to enable independence in society is not provided in New Zealand as part of the government's education curriculum. It is only available through private practitioners.

Children and early intervention therapy

'Early intervention' education has a profound effect on the development of children with Down syndrome. Perhaps the most well-known research documenting this fact is the University of Oregon early intervention program. In this study, early intervention education reduced the age that children with Down syndrome first talk from an average of 4 years to 2 years. While this is profound in itself, it has an exponential effect on the confidence of the child and the ability of the family to communicate with the child. All reducing unnecessary frustration and stress on the family - and the child.

We know this education is life-changing for the kids who receive it, their families, schools and communities.

The feedback we receive is incredible: 

“Thanks once again for your amazing assistance! Anders is continuing to make good progress with his speech development. We are convinced this would not be occurring without his access to a private speech language therapist. We no longer have access to any publicly funded speech language therapy, so this assistance is very gratefully received.”

Who benefits?

We're giving a voice to kids with Down syndrome.

We help fund the speech language therapy costs of children with Down syndrome all over New Zealand. It is the goal of UpsideDowns Education Trust to fund approved (with NZSTA-registered therapists) specialist education to all families in New Zealand that need and can benefit from this intervention. Due to the high demand for our services, we currently have a waitlist of families who urgently need our support.

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